The Feminist Philosophy of Ria Zelada

Ria Zelada, a journalism major at Cal Poly SLO, shares with us her philosophy on feminism and her ideas to enact change for women in the world.


Limitations Are Just Social Constructs


Illustration created by Lauren Piraro

In any social situation a college student finds themselves in where they are being introduced to new faces, it’s become customary to ask a specific set of questions. These particular go-to questions include: “What’s your major?” and then the subsequent, “Oh, cool. What do you want to do with it?” Some will admit that they are not sure exactly which path they want to take, others find comfort in feigning certainty, and a select few will know exactly what they want. In any case, you are being ask to define yourself and your careers goals in a few short words as if that could ever sum up a lifetime of achievements and adventures.

As many students believe that the major they select in college is the area in which they will be working in for the rest of their lives, it is important to understand that any and all limitations in life are social constructs to be overcome.

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Fashion Is Feminist: A Cal Poly Girl’s Perspective On Society

Image of Dani Berton taken with permission by Lauren Piraro

Image of Dani Berton taken with permission by Lauren Piraro

In a world where first impressions make all the difference, how individuals express themselves through fashion should be very important. The clothing men and women wear offers onlookers a “Spark Noted” version of who they are and what they value. Although a necessary art form, fashion is often trivialized or dismissed because of it’s obvious associations with women.

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