Live Blog: What is SAFER?


On the helm of finishing one of my favorite blog posts about exposing the truths about sexual harassment for college women, I thought it would be a useful idea to better equip myself with the knowledge of a resource for combatting this issue: SAFER (Students Active For Ending Rape).

SAFER is a safe and welcoming organization on campus. I walked in and was kindly granted a few minutes of their time to learn a little bit more about what exactly SAFER is and what they do on campus.

Collette Long, a student assistant for the organization, discusses that SAFER is “Cal Poly’s campus resource for sexual assault.” They “can help faculty, staff, students and their loved ones affected by it.”

“SAFER has two sections,” said Long. “Crisis services and planning is the first and educating the campus and community with knowledge to prevent the issue is the second.”

Long also explained that SAFER hosts many events throughout the year. During April, they dedicate an entire month to sexual assault awareness with speakers and presentations that culminates with Take Back the Night.

Investigate your college campus or community to see if you have a SAFER you can utilize as a great resource.


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