The “F Word”

The new "F Word" these days in "Feminist"

Image from Wikipedia edited by Lauren Piraro.

During a group discussion last school year in my History of Witch Hunt class (A.K.A the best class ever) one of my female peers stated outright: “I am not a feminist or anything.” The topic of discussion was where women’s history fit into history as documented by men and retold to classrooms all around the world. The thing that made me laugh (and become slightly annoyed) was that her contributions to the conversation afterwards most definitely pervaded support for women’s rights and, ultimately, feminism as a whole.

It was then I began asking myself why so many women strayed from declaring themselves feminists – the new “F Word” in our culture and society.

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Welcome to My Blog!

"I Heart Feminism" by Jay Morrison via Flickr and used here with a Creative Commons license.

Image by Jay Morrison via Flickr and used here with a Creative Commons license.

My blog is a resource for young, college women who are seeking out empowerment and inspiration in a society that often times neglects or trivializes their wants or needs. There are many successful women-based or feminist blogs out in the blogesphere, but mine is truly unique because I am a young woman writing for other young women who desire for their voices to be heard. One of the successful blogs I draw a lot of my inspiration from is Bust – an online blog with a print magazine. I will also write about important social issues like slut-shaming and prejudices, but with the addition of lighter topics like humor or fashion because just like women, my blog has a deep sense of balance and dimension.