How Am I Doing?: A Retrospective Look at My Life as a Feminist Blogger

As a first-time blogger, it has been quite the learning experience updating and sustaining a blog. The feedback I have been given from my peers has been great in relevance to my content, but I feel like I have barely scratched the surface in terms of providing the information and resources my audience needs to infuse their lives with feminist philosophies. Outside of the classroom, my audience has been engaging me in the conversations that I am bringing up through my blogs. It always makes me over-the-moon happy when I see that some one has either posted a comment or followed me because that means I am touching on topics that make an impact on an individual. The topics that seem to attract readers the most would have to be the controversial issues. In specific for my blog, the post that has gotten the most interest is “The F Word” where I expand upon the negative stigma feminist’s live with when they label themselves so. My photographs and illustrations are high quality and are mindfully taken, which I found really helped garner credibility from my readers because it reinforced the notion of just how seriously I took my blog writing.

For the future, I need to narrow in my topic a bit more and focus on the core elements of feminism that really form the foundation of the movement through history. When I first began writing for this blog, I jumped right in, but I think this is a good time to step back and refocus my posts on topics my audience will not find my haphazardly searching through Google. In my few final posts, I would like to, as I mentioned before, I want to touch on the basic of feminist theory, as well as something very interesting and like a male’s perspective on feminist stereotypes.

Jezebel is one specific website that is my blog’s “role model” of sorts. I really love that Jezebel has content that ranges from celebrity gossip, fashion news, and hard-hitting journalism content. It’s a refreshing news source because you already anticipate that whatever they will be posting, it will be interesting, of the moment, and intriguingly written with sass. That is how I envision my blog to be for my audience when I work out the kinks a bit more!


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